Chocolate Cake – $4.95
Rich and moist with a creamy chocolate ganache frosting

Carrot Cake – $4.95
Made with organic carrots, walnuts and a creamy cream cheese frosting

Chocolate Mousse Pie – $4.95
Very rich and creamy

Vegan Cake ( no dairy) – $4.95
Chocolate, Orange, Carrot and Lemon Poppy Seed

Cheesecake – $4.95
( Ask your server about our featured Cheesecake)

Black Bottom Cupcakes -$4.95
Our signature dessert
Chocolate cupcake stuffed with cream cheese and chocolate chips
Great warm with ice cream Add $2.00

Flan – $4.50
Classically smooth and rich

Wheat -free and Gluten Free German Chocolate Cake $4.95

Dutch Apple Pie – $4.50
Delicious spiced apples with a strudel crumb topping
All desserts above are handmade on site

A├žai Bowl
The traditional thick blend of this Amazon power fruit with organic banana, seasonal fruit, granola and coconut flakes. Topped with hemp seeds. Want it vegan? Ask your server to hold the granola $9.95

Ollallieberry locally by Gizdich Ranch – $4.50
A cross between raspberry and a blueberry
Pies a la mode Add $2.00
Ice cream scoop
Vanilla Ice cream Each scoop $2.00

You also can order specialty cakes for all occasions or for those seeking a healthier life style.
Call at (831)-373-0335 to place your special order!